Every gardener knows that plants need water and light to grow. These two are the essential things that every kind of plant needs the most. Nutrients and fertilizers come in second place. The soil has all the nutrients in it but not in every part of the world. Also, when we grow multiple times in the same soil this reduces the number of nutrients in the soil. Even if you use garden soil for indoor plants you still need to give fertilizers to them.

Below are some of the best fertilizers for the indoor plants.

What makes a good fertilizer?

To choose the best fertilizers for your plants you need to learn about the fertilizers at first. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous are the three main nutrients that are most crucial for the plant growth. There are also other macronutrients that come along in every bottle of fertilizer. These are Boron, copper, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium with some trace minerals.

Nowadays we have fertilizers for every type of plant and for different purposes. When a plant is in the initial growing stage it needs NPK in high quantity and in flowering stage plants to need flowering fertilizers. These are those nutrients that help plants to produce more flowers than normal. 

What is NPK?

On every bag of fertilizer, the manufacturer writes some numbers like 10-14 -10. This shows the percentage of Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in that fertilizer bag. This number goes in the same order worldwide. The first number indicates the amount of Nitrogen, the second number is for phosphorous and the third number shows the percentage of potassium.

Plants that produce a good number of greens need high Nitrogen fertilizers.

NPK Indoor plant fertilizers come in two types. One is in powdered form and the second is in liquid form.

Powdered NPK: These are best to use on outdoor growing plants. you can also use liquid fertilizers on soil-grown plants. But it is not a good idea because liquid fertilizers are costly than the powder fertilizers. Mainly liquid NPK fertilizers are not meant to use on soil-grown plants.

Liquid NPK: Liquid form is the best choice for hydroponic systems. The reason is simple, in hydroponics we do not use soil. We use nutrient-rich water and liquid fertilizers are easy to dissolve in water as compare to the solid fertilizers.

Best Fertilizers for plants at Home

Fertilizers for Houseplants

General Hydroponics Organic fertilizers:

General hydroponics is a reputed company that makes world-class gardening products. The most famous and widely used product is their organic liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

The package has 3 bottles FloraGro, FloraMicro, and Florabloom. Gro bottle is to be used in the first place when a plant develops its leaves, stems, and other parts. The second micro is for encouraging flowers and the third is for increasing the density of flowers.

These 3 bottles contain all micro and macronutrients. Mix the appropriate amount of all three and give it to your plants. you will be surprised to see the results. Other brands like Remo nutrients, Dyna Gro, Fox Farm also make good fertilizers for container plants.

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