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What is Kastaway Island?

Within your minds eye invision the most serenity filled place you can imagine .. an enchanted island perhaps, bound by romantic clear blue water and a lush tropical jungle. The heavens shine with a crimsoned hue and slowly that golden sun slips out of the sky allowing a gentle breeze to soothe you while you listen to the rhythmic washing of the waves and the exotic call of birds. It’s Morning – It’s Evening – It’s Afternoon – It’s not important! It’s your own private island.

Your mind and heart takes you now… as you have this vision, far from the HECTC world we live in. Feel it, be with it .. Let it take you to a place that is just a breath away. You are now on Kastaway Island and very relaxed. You can taste the ocean in the warm air around you.

In your mind Kastaway Island is a place where moonlight and candlelight mingle on the water at the island’s edge. Breakfast flows into lunch that now finds the two of you enjoying cocktails that will evolve into dinner. Surrender to the temptation, indulge & enjoy as the island gently rolls under you and the stars twinkle above, music is somewhere behind and your love in front of you.

Another day in paradise.

Yes the island gently rolls under you! Kastaway Island is a new approach to ocean cruising where you can enjoy all the opportunities for festive fun and fall in love with the silence and solitude of a remote anchorage. As you open your eyes from this scene, you find yourself on a cruise holiday. The entire vessel looks like a lush tropical island.

A vacation that is really different awaits!

Kastaway Island is the kind of experience you often dream about, but rarely encounter.

* The worlds only cruise ship that is offering a
10-year trip around the world.
* A cruise ship with pre paid vacation packages and weekly charter sales for a ten year period.
* The first pre paid vacation package that offers a three-year money back guarantee.
* We offer a time limited vacation package that lasts for 11 years only.
* The first cruise ship that with the creative use of paint and fiberglass will be renovated to look like a lush tropical island floating along the water.

Think back to the days of the Family cabin by the lake, the summerhouse at the beach or the ski chalet in the mountains. In the past you would own that vacation home. A great way to secure your vacation but expensive when this prime property sat vacant for most of the year. If you holiday or dive (or would like to once a year) we have something for you. This could be your chance to experience a vacation from the other side of the beach. An incredible alternative to a hotel room or resort!

We're taking a ten-year around-the-world cruise. A percentage of this yacht will be sold as weekly charters and the balance will be pre-paid vacation packages. This prepaid package allows you to visit a new exotic port for one week EVERY year for the next ten years. 

A pre paid vacation package is an investment in a vacation lifestyle that pays off overtime. If you like to and do vacation and want the benefits of luxury accommodation for the price of a normal hotel room....Then a pre paid vacation package is for you.

The per person costs are much less than a resort with much more to do. We reserve year 11 for those that missed a week due to any unforeseen circumstances over the first 10 years.

You do not have to be a millionaire to vacation like one. Cruise on a yacht worth several million every year, sell your week and keep the money or give your week to a family member, friend or an employee.

I would like to travel and see the World!
Did you ever think you could do it for under $10,000.00 US? Now you can!

Kastaway Island is a vacation destination that deals in luxury, quality and stress free holidays. This is not only about enjoying quality, it's about knowing that your vacation plans and you are looked after for the next ten years. We are committed to your vacation excellence.

Please explore this site thoroughly; explore the benefits of a pre paid vacation package and your membership with Kastaway Island. Reserve NOW!

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