If you love to scuba dive and travel the world searching for the beauty beneath the sea, I have a unique opportunity I would like to introduce you to.

Why not photograph marine creatures engaged in the process of daily living, not just fleeing from (and  hopefully not attacking!) you? Our adventure will take you to these places. Exciting and unique, places widely known, others rarely visited are yours for the taking.

Welcome to KASTAWAY ISLAND, one of the world's premier underwater photography live-a boards. Enjoy your visit, return often and tell your friends. If you would like to take advantage of our offer, fill out the membership application form.  

There will be lots of useful information on all aspects of underwater photography, including; tips on shooting, use of equipment, tips on diving to improve your underwater photography, as well as our onboard digital editing equipment and our ROV! (Read the web site to learn about this unique fellow.) 

Each dive promises to be an opportunity for divers to gain a new appreciation for the delicate ecological balance at work in the coral reef environment, as well as a chance to do some great diving and photography.

Imagine you enjoying this for an entire week (or longer)!

KASTAWAY ISLAND has an easy-going atmosphere, where your experience will be enhanced with a special insight into life under our island.  

We offer you the destinations and an opportunity to purchase a pre paid holiday package. It is up to you.   

There are active links to everything we could think of to answer your questions and you can e-mail the owners for further information .. the replies are usually prompt

KASTAWAY ISLAND is a unique approach to live-aboard photographing and taking a cruise holiday.  

For only $5,900.00 US dollars for a single person or $8,900.00 for a couple, you can purchase one of only 200 pre-paid vacation packages weeks onboard the vessel, KASTAWAY ISLAND. 

You get 10 weeks to use anyway you would like. You can come back again and again for one week every year for the next 10 years. You can take your ten weeks straight in the first year or two weeks every year for 5 years, it still works out to a GREAT deal! 

If you are looking for a way to make money, sell your week and keep the $2,000. Sound too good to be true?  Read on!

At the bottom of each page there is a navigation bar, click on one of the words like "index" and it will take you to a site map prepared for you. scroll up or down until you see something that you want additional information on. Click your mouse over the lettering and read on.  

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